Liar Liar Anime Episode 5 Release Date and Speculation

Liar Liar is the Anime adaptation of light novel which is written by Haruki Kuō. It is a Romantic and mind-blowing game of lies. Liar Liar Anime Episode 5 Release Date is Saturday 29th July at 2:30 am Jst in Japan.

Recap of Liar Liar Episode 4: Chocolate and the Devil

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At the start of Liar Liar Episode 4, Himeji meets Natsume Ichinose to discuss the ranking of Hiroto Shinohara. He is faking seven stars but he is at level two with Two Stars and has won impressive 4 battles. One he defeated Sarasa and in Another he defeated Seiren and now he has double-colored stars because he cannot take standard stars because he has fake stars and if he continues to defeat students then he will become all colour 7 Star Student. Shinohara is both a gift and a threat to Adacemy.

Shirayuki Himeji also joins the class of Shinohara which he becomes happy to see her. Then the teacher announces the All-Campus Elimination Battle which Every student has to challenge every 24hrs else they will be eliminated once they lose they will be eliminated and whoever will wins get the chance to play in the inter-academy contest.

At next we see Himeji and Shinohara discussing about the rules and competition it is battle where no stars will exchange and anyone can challenge the battle to anyone and will accept automatically. Their conversation was interrupted by Akizuki Noa who is also known as little-devil.

After that Shinohara gets call from Principal Ichinose in which they discuss about the stolen green star which Shinohara has to find out. she asks for Shinohara’s help to catch the culprit and to retrieve the star.

In jamming the Request Network, Noa sees out from defense and tries to challenge Shinohara. While Shinohara and Himeji start planning for their next steps which is very important and Kaguya comes to help them. She introduces to a device which can overlap Shinohara’s location and fake it to Himeji’s locations or others which will make Himeji a victim.

At the next, we saw that classmates are trying to run after Shinora who is escaping from them and suddenly he runs into Akizuki Noa which forces Shinohara to accept the challenge before running into safety. And back home Himeji makes a tasty meal, but after some time Shinohara gets to know that Himeji is kidnapped by Noa which he calls to accept the challenge.

What to expect in Episode 5

(Image Credit: Crunchyroll, Studio: Geek Toys)

Akizuki Noa will be the main villain of the competiton, she is also known as Little-Devil who shows his character type. She is the only new character who is introduced by her name and she is well known powerful student with Five stars and which might she have stolen the missing Green coloured star and thats why Shinohara is assigned to find the star and culprit.

At the start of the next episode, we will see Himeji who is kidnapped by Noa, and it will create a problem in the whole situation. Where Shinohara probably accepts the challenge of Noa due to capturing Himeji and we will also get to know about the Green Star.

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About Liar Liar Anime

It is an Academy Island where students play games to settle their scores, There are stars through stars students obtain more power as they gain more stars, Seven stars are the top ranking of the Academy which gets the Luxcary Facility with more benefits.

Liar Lair anime is a game of lies where the main protagonist is a transfer student and low scored who plays the game of lies with becoming the fake seven-star by defeating Sarasa Saionji who is the president’s granddaughter.


Is Liar Liar Episode 5 will be on break for this week?

No, Liar Liar Episode 5 will be not on break for this week.

Liar Liar Anime is available in English dub?

Yes, it is available to watch in English Dubbed.

How Many Episodes of Liar Liar will be in season 1?

There will be a total of 12 Episodes in Liar Liar Season 1 but

Where to Watch Liar Lair Anime?

Liar Liar Anime Season-1 is available to watch on Crunchyroll with it’s subscription.

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