One Piece Episode 1070: Release Date, Time & Spoilers: Updated

Get Ready to witness the highly anticipated episode 1070 of One Piece which is going to feature a glimpse of Gear 5. The Episode will release on 30th July at 9:30 am JST, The anime is on break for one week that’s why it has a delay.

When is One Piece episode 1,070 will be released with Date & Timezones?

The episode will be available to stream according to different time zones across the world. You can find out your Time Zone According to your reign.

  • Pacific Time (PT): 7:00 pm (29th July, Saturday )
  • Central Time (CST): 9:00 pm (29th July, Sunday )
  • Eastern Time (EST): 10:00 pm (29th July, Saturday )
  • British Summer Time (BST): 2:00 am (30th July, Sunday )
  • European Time (ET): 3:00 am (30th July, Sunday )
  • Indian Standard Time (EST): 7:30 am (30th July, Sunday )

Why the Episode 1070 is Most Anticipated

One Piece
Luffy in his Gear 5 form (Image Via AnimeAhead)

In the last episode, we saw Luffy was defeated by the Kaido and the people are getting hints of gear 5 of Luffy so they anticipated that the episode is going to feature something that they will witness the moments which they are waiting for a long time. Finally, Fans are happy to witness Luffy’s Gear 5th which is going to be epic.

Predicting the Unpredictable: Spoilers

After the surprise attack of CP0 on Luffy, Kaido was one who was unhappy for that moment. Kaido is a ruthless villain but he doesn’t like it when someone interferes with his battles. He feels that this is disrespectful towards him. Therefore, In time Kaido will not forgive that CP0 agent.

The fact is that Luffy has been defeated by the Yonko. This brings much chaos among the pirate group and allies of Luffy which are Law and Kid, who managed to defeat Big Mom by risking their life. Then Kaido will quickly recover from the shock of defeat by Luffy due to interference.

Kaid and his crew try to kick out all the alliance members of Luffy. After that Zunesha the giant elephant tells Momonosuke about hearing the Drums of Liberation. It seems joyful to hear of the return of Joy Boy after 800 years. The wait is about to be over to hear the Drums of Liberation.

Episode 1069 – A Quick Recap

A Quick Recap of Episode 1069, In the episode we first saw the fight between Izo and the CP0 Agent in which Izo defeats one agent of CP0 but the other agent strike’s finger pistol which downs Izo After he gets a message from the imperial command of the elder five to erase Luffy immediately which going to be very difficult for him. In the next Moment, we saw Luffy transforms into his Gear 5 Snakeman he says this is my final form. Then we saw that Drake has struck a sword into the back of the CP0 agent but CP0 strikes back with his finger pistol. In the next moment, we saw Raizou fighting with Fukurokuju within the surrounding fire but Raizour Defeats Fukurokuju. Then we saw Jimbe helping Raizou get out from the surroundings of fire flames. Then in the next moment, we suddenly saw that Kaido has Transformed into a Drunken Form of Kaido and he predicts the future attacks coming towards him. He manages to dodge and he eats Luffy and throws when his blast breath was ready which Luffy converts into bounce man of gear 4 and speaks that he has not left much time. Luffy failed to attack Kaido due to the involvement of the CP0 agent and at the end, we saw that Luffy was defeated and Kaido was very emotional after that happens and got angry towards CP0 Agent. It was a quick recap of episode 1069.

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As we saw the Released date, time & different time zones according to release time & a table of content linked to all titles. Further, we have provided information regarding why this episode is most anticipated and we have covered spoilers of episode 1070 and a recap of the last episode last we have some answers to your questions.


When will Episode 1070 release?

Episode 1070 will be aired on 30th July.

Where can I watch Episode 1070?

You can watch Episode 1070 on Crunchyroll.

What time will Episode 1070 air?

Episode 1070 will be aired on 30th July.

How can I catch up on previous episodes?

You can catch up on previous Episodes of One Piece in CrunchyRoll or if you are interested in reading you can read reviews & recaps of recent episodes.

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