Top 15 Strongest Haki Users in One Piece, Ranked 

strongest haki user in one piece

The world of One Piece has seen the mysterious powers and abilities of various Devil Fruits. However, the deciding factor in most One Piece battles is Haki, which is described as the strongest power in the series. While the powers of the Devil Fruit are gained, Haki is an ability everyone possesses, although few manage … Read more

One piece: Top 15 Strongest Paramecia type devil fruits, Ranked

paramecia devil fruits ranked

Devil fruits are one of the main sources of strength in the world of One Piece. These fruits are considered treasures of the sea and grant enormous strength and different abilities to the eater, but in exchange take the eater’s ability to swim. Devil Fruits are mainly classified into three types Logia, Paramecia & Zoan. … Read more

All Logia Type Devil Fruits in One Piece, Ranked

All Logia type devil fruits

One of the three types of devil fruits in the One Piece universe, all Logia type devil fruits in One Piece are extremely rare and possibly among the most powerful devil fruits. Logia users can transform into elemental humans and are only vulnerable to Armament Haki attacks. They can rely on their abilities to dodge … Read more

Seven Warlords of the Sea after Timeskip, Ranked

seven warlords of the sea after timeskip

Seven Warlords also known as Shichibukai is a group of seven extremely fearsome pirates allied and backed by the World Government. One Piece had introduced various powerful & fearsome characters throughout the series and the Seven Warlords are the most notorious among them. Seven Warlords of the Sea are among the Three Great Powers on … Read more

One Piece Episode 1074: A Tale of Victory – Release Date, Time, Spoilers and Recap

One Piece Epsiode 1074 Release Date

One Piece Episode 1074 will be aired on September 3, 2023, at 9:30 am JST in Japan. In this upcoming Episode 1074 we will witness the continuous intense battle between Luffy vs Kaido. Here are all The details related to One Piece episode 1074 which includes release dates, timezones, preview images, spoilers, and more. Release … Read more

One Piece Luffy Gear 5 Episode Release Dates, Trailer, New Opening and Ending One Piece Luffy Gear 5 Episode Release Dates

After Watching 1000+ episodes we are going to witness the real hype of One Piece Luffy’s Gear 5 transformation is which we are going to discuss Luffy’s Gear 5 and much related to One Piece Gear 5 Episodes, Release Dates, New Opening-Ending and Speculations. One Piece Anime: Luffy Gear 5 Episodes and its Release Dates … Read more

One Piece : Episode 1069 Review & Recap


At the start of Episode 1069, we have seen the fight started between CP-0 and Izo, In which Izo is fighting fiercely against CP-0. CP-0 Attacks with his finger pistol and at that moment both get down for a while. As the other CP-0 members say why do the Whitebeard members want to help those … Read more

One Piece Episode 1068: Release Date and Thrills Await!

When is One Piece episode 1,068 released? One Piece Episode 1068 will be be vented on Sunday, July 9, 2023, at 930 am in Japan. suckers of One Piece are eagerly staying for this occasion to be vented. In the last occasion, Fans were veritably agitated as Law and Kid defeated the Emperor Big Mom. This unanticipated palm has left observers pining for further, as they anxiously await the coming chapter of this grand story. What makes this forthcoming occasion indeed more thrilling is the disclosure that Zunesha, the enigmatic giant, formerly stood alongside Joy Boy during the mysterious Void Century. still, it’s unfortunate to note that at the time of writing this composition, … Read more

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