Top 10 Most Hated One piece Characters, Ranked

One piece is one of the best anime series of all time and has a huge fanbase. The series has gained popularity for its Vibrant characters, amazing storyline & superb Animation. Though the series is quite long but it keeps you hooked throughout the entire series and gets better overtime. The series keeps introducing a lot of characters but not all are loved by fans. Here is the list of the Top 10 Most Hated One Piece Characters and some of these characters would be in your list as well.

( Spoilers Alert)

10. Rebecca 

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Rebecca was the former crown princess of the Dressrosa island. She is a daughter of the legendary gladiator “Kyros”. She is the female gladiator and was introduced as a supporting character in the Dressrosa Arc. She is also known as the Phantom Princess. 

Rebecca is one of the badly written characters in the series. Though being a gladiator and being known as the “Undefeated Woman”, she doesn’t fight well. She is too soft and weak. She doesn’t want to fight and all she does is dodge opponent’s attacks. She doesn’t keep up to her title and is an overhyped character. She is nothing than a crybaby which is why is disliked by fans and is included in the list of Top 10 Most disliked One piece characters.

9. Ceasar Clown 

Ceaser Clown
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Ceasar Clown is one of the most evil characters and is hated by One piece fans for his actions. He was the main antagonist in the Punk Hazard Arc. Ceaser Clown was a former navy scientist and had worked with Dr. Vegapunk, Queen as well as Vinsmoke judge on creating mass destructive weapons, Artificial Devil fruits,etc. 

Ceaser clown is an evil, cruel and arrogant person. He enjoys watching people suffer and has no emotions while murdering people. He performed deadly experiments on children, drugging them by feeding them candies. He tried to kill everyone on Punk Hazard including Luffy along with Marines, Children & even his own minions.  

8. Vinsmoke Judge 

Vinsmoke Judge
Image credit – Crunchyroll

Vinsmoke Judge is the king of the Germa kingdom and is also known as “Garuda”. He is a scientist and had been a member of MADS and had worked alongside Dr. Vegapunk & Ceaser clown. He is a supreme commander of Germa 66. He is the head of Vinsmoke family and biological father of Sanji. He was introduced as a secondary antagonist in the Whole cake island arc.  

Vinsmoke Judge is the most horrible person. He experimented on his own wife to turn his kids into Military weapons. He experimented & modified his own kids into Powerful soldiers. When he failed an experiment on Sanji, he refused to accept him as his son. Not only that but he abused him and even caged him for over six months. For him his experiments are no more than mere weapons. Vinsmoke Judge is a terrible father & husband and certainly an irredeemable character and is among Top 10 Most Hated One piece characters.

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7. Kurozumi Orochi  

Kurozumi orochi
Image credit – Crunchyroll

Kurozumi Orochi was a former shogun of Wano country. He was among the last members of kurozumi family. He was an arrogant, extremely cruel and ruthless ruler. He was among the major antagonists in the Wano Arc.  

He is undoubtedly the most hated character in the entire Wano country arc. He had a thirst for power from a young age. He betrayed and backstabbed Oden to claim his position as Shogun. Orochi teamed up with Kaido, one of the four emperors, and destroyed his own country and turned it into a wasteland. He hated his country’s people and made them suffer. Kurozumi Orochi was so cruel and arrogant that even his own men and citizens hated him. 

6. Spandam 

Image credit – Crunchyroll

Spandam is a worthless and awful person. He is a former chief of the CP9 organization. He is a son of Spandine who was the chief of CP9 and played a main role in the destruction of Ohara, Robin’s homeland. Spandam is just as evil as his father or even worse. 

Spandam was one of the two main antagonists of Enies lobby arc. He wanted to revive pluton which is an ancient weapon and for that he needed robin to read the blueprints. He hit her several times, beat her and abused her mentally and wanted to send her to Impel down. Back when Franky was just a kid and used be a pupil of Tom, who was among the most skilled shipwrights in the world, Spandam framed Tom’s workers including Franky attacked the Water 7 which led to Tom’s execution. Spandam is pure evil and a maniac and deserves to be on the list of Top 10 Most Hated One piece characters.

5. Hody Jones 

Hody Jones
Image credit – Crunchyroll

Hody Jones was the main antagonist of the Fishman Island arc. He was a great white shark fishman and captain of New Fishman pirates. He idolized Arlong and believed in his ideals that fishmen are superior to humans. Hody Jones have deep hatred for humans and would kill any fishman who sympathized humans. 

Hody Jones believe that fishman are of supreme race and heaven has itself given him and his crew the power to hand judgement down to human race. He was too weak as a villain and relied on energy steroids for his strength. He consumed steroids frequently knowing that it would shorten his lifespan and went on a rampage. He was racist, selfish and vicious fishman like Arlong but worse than him. 

4. Trebol 

Image credit – Crunchyroll

Trebol is among the Top 3 officers of the Donquixote Pirates. He was introduced in dressrosa arc and was the supporting antagonist in the Dressrosa arc.  

Trebol is annoying, Cruel & sadistic. He ate a devil fruit Beta Beta no Mi which allows its user to create & control mucus. His powers are creepy and so is his appearance. He turned Doflamingo evil by fostering his cruelty when he was just a kid. He is the one who gave Ito Ito no Mi to Doflamingo and a gun which was used by doflamingo to kill his own father. Trebol is personally responsible for Doflamingo turning into an evil and notorious pirate. 

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3. Marshall D Teach (Blackbeard)  

Marshall D Teach
Image Credit – Crunchyroll

Marshall D Teach, also known as Blackbeard, is a captain of Blackbeard pirates. He is one of the four emperors of the sea. He is a former warlord. Marshall D Teach aka Blackbeard is the only known person so far who wields the power of two Devil fruits. He is among the major antagonists of the anime series. 

He is a Greedy, Cunning and undoubtedly the most notorious pirate in the series. Blackbeard joined Whitebeard pirates when he was just a kid and wanted to find Yami Yami no mi also known as dark –dark fruit. He killed his own comrade and stole the Dark-Dark fruit. Not only that but he also handed Ace to the World government to become a Warlord and get access to Impel down so that he can recruit some powerful & notorious prisoners to join his crew. Not only he betrayed Whitebeard and killed him but also stole his devil fruit. Marshall D. Teach is pure evil, emotionless and cunning pirate.  

2. Admiral Akainu 

Admiral Akainu
Image credit – Crunchyroll

Sakazuki who is popularly known as Akainu is the current fleet admiral. He is feared by pirates for his belief in Absolute justice and ruthless behavior. Admiral Akainu is among the major antagonists of Marineford arc. He is the strongest and most cruel among all three admirals. 

He is Ruthless and emotionless bastard. He massacred the people of Ohara and destroyed it, but he didn’t stop there. He then destroyed a refugee ship in case any scholar may have escaped on it. He killed his own sub ordinates who were running away from the fight during Marineford Arc. He manipulated Squard to kill Whitebeard. Admiral Akainu is most hated because he personally killed Portgas D.Ace who was fans beloved. He is hated for his ideology and ruthless behavior. 

1. Saint Charlos 

Saint Charlos
Image credit – Crunchyroll

Saint Charlos is a world noble, also known as a celestial dragon. He is the son of Saint Rosward. Saint Charlos was first introduced in the Sabaody archipelago arc and was among the main antagonists.  

He is a spoiled brat and considers himself superior to others. He is arrogant and commands respect from others. He is selfish and extremely cruel. He made his slaves suffer and showed no mercy to them at all. He doesn’t care for anyone but himself. During the Auction, he bought Camie the mermaid for a much higher price and was planning to put her in a tank full of Piranhas and watch struggle for her life. Charloss is the worst among all world nobles and is undoubtedly top the list of Top 10 Most Hated One piece charactes.  


Who is the most irritating character in One piece?

Foxy is the most irritating character in One piece. He is an antagonist in the filler arc. His powers sucks. He is a too weak to even be a villain He is really annoying and watching him is complete waste of time.

Who is the most loved villain in One piece?

Donquixote doflamingo is the most loved villain in One piece. Though he is cunning, ruthless and extremely evil, fans love him for his belief in New pirate era and his speech about Justice. He is undoubtedly among the best villain in the series and certainly among the well written characters.

Who is the smartest One piece villain?

Marshall D. Teach is one of the smartest One piece villains. He planned everything very well, from becoming a Warlord by turning in Ace and using his position to get new notorious prisoners join his crew by infiltrating Impel down to stealing Whitebeard’s Devil fruit powers he proves his smartness.

Which is the best platform to watch anime?

Crunchyroll is the most popular and among best platforms to watch anime.

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